Harness rail

The latest development, ground level to tank top harness rail. The lanyard is attached at ground level. Vertical and horizontal gravity stops the limit travel at the front and rear of walkway but allow freedom and movement on the tank top.

Staircase style ladders

When operation on tank tops is unavoidable, staircase style ladders offer the safest access.

Side mounted staircase

A staircase style ladder can be fitted to the side or rear of the tank. This provides safe, comfortable access to the tank top.


When operation on tank tops is unavoidable, handrails increase operator safety, and can be raised at ground level, manually, pneumatically or hydraulically and fully comply with S.I. 735. Your existing vehicles will need to comply with S.I. 735 by April 6th 2006. Please contact our repair bay manager on (01704)896572 to modify your existing fleet.

Pneumatic Manlid

To avoid an operator having to work on the top of the tank Clayton have patented a fully pneumatic operated manlid to enable top loading from ground level.


In the unfortunate event of an operator being sprayed with hot bitumen an emergency hot shower unit can be fitted that can be operated instantaneously.